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BiG Checking Gets Bigger
Created by m.moebs on 1/16/2023 12:34:36 PM

29 financial institutions control 75% of all +500 Million consumer checking accounts in the USA.
What are their checking characteristics and what do they charge?
This report has the answers and more.
Semper, Mike

Are Depositories < 1 Million in Checking Being Left in the Dust?

"Any financial institution's checking portfolio can survive and grow if it is profitable."
Michael Moeos, economist & chairman of Moeds services, accs a rinancial service Research firm.
What is BiG Checking?®

Lake Forest IL (January 16, 2023) Since BiG Checking* Survey & Report started in 2019, it has really grown. In the past year, 34.4 million consumer transaction accounts T-Accts)are new. with a yearly increase of 1.5%. The major reasons for the astonishing checking growth are the Federal Reserve eliminating reserves and deposit withdrawal limitations in March 2020. The uniqueness of BiG Checking® is it includes all institutions offering T-Accts and it's not just one group of financial depositories. READ FULL ARTICLE

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