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Who Has Price Transparency?
Created by m.moebs on 1/29/2023 1:48:53 PM

Price transparency is having checking and overdraft prices on the website for all to see. 43.2% of all 8,401 banks, credit unions, thrifts, and fintechs or 3,681, offering checking were surveyed.
Professor George Easton of Mathematics & Statistics at Emory University designed the survey.
The results on price transparency reveal much!
As usual we would appreciate your thoughts positive, negative, or indifferent.
Semper, Mike

Credit Unions & Fintechs Clobber Banks

"Mobs Services (M$) latest Checking &Fee Study includesstatistical data on3,628 financial institutions surveyed ni January 2023. This second M$ Checking &Fe Study report concentrates only on Price Transparency."
Michael M o b s , Economist & Chairman of M o b s Services, LC (MS) a Financial Service Research Firm.

Lake Forest LI (January 29, 2023) For 76 years since 1956 ABC has broadcast "To Tel theTruth." If the contestants - bank, credit union, and fintech, were asked: Does
yourwebsiteten thetruthabourpricing,checkingaccounts.andoverdraits- who would win? Tie: Credit Unions & Fintechs. Banks would be a distant d3.r
Mobs Services comprehensive Price Transparency study included 3,628 of the 8,401
depositories (43.2%) offering checking and overdrafts. Pricing transparency is defined by making consumer overdraft prices and checking fees available online. The results by type of provider are included in the adiacent table. READ FULL ARTICLE

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