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Junk Fees Revisited
Created by m.moebs on 2/9/2023 9:29:22 AM

In the intercity ghetto on Chicago’s Southside where I grew up the junk yard was a place to go with household junk hoping to get a small price from the owners who were called “Junkmen.”
In light of the State of the Union address let’s put “Junk Fees” in a proper context.
Financial services nor the 2.4 million people who do financial services are not junk.
Your comments are welcome positive, negative, or indifferent.
Semper, Mike

Overdraft & Related Fee Prices Can Come Down
“Labelling ODs as “Junk Fees” is insulting to 98 M Americans using the service.”
Michael Moebs, Economist of Moebs $ervices, LLC (M$) a Financial Service Research Firm.

Lake Forest IL (February 8, 2023) The State of the Union speech last night spent more time on junk fees - mainly overdrafts - than China, inflation, or the Border. The White House and U.S. Treasury consider these fees important to reduce.
Moebs $ervices (M$) agrees.

M$ has advocated for well over 30 years to lower overdraft fees for two purposes; READ FULL ARTICLE

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