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Measuring Deposit Risk
Created by m.moebs on 3/30/2023 6:09:55 PM

The Banking Crisis is stabilized.
Deposits of all financial institutions in U.S. are not $16 Trillion but over $21 Trillion.
Reform is needed and this Report gives the numbers and options to make changes.
Your comments are needed.
Semper, Mike

$21.1 Trillion is a Big Amount to Not Know the Risk
"It is now time for the Federal Government to sort out Deposit Insurance to Stabilize Deposits.
Michael Moebs. Economist & Chair of Moebs Services. LIC IMS a Financial Service Research Firm.
Measuring Deposit RiskLake Forest IL (March 30, 2023) In 1988, the U.S. State Department sent Mobs Services to Kenya to teach M$ Pricing Institute to c-level executives of Building societies - Savings & Loans in U.s. While there, a bank run started. O
the 100 banks and building societies in the nation of 22 million, 17 went under. The student executives were asked: why did this haopen? One CEO stood up and said not one of the 17 financial institutions who failed was in the room, and the 30 executives clapped. They all agreed fraudulent management was the
primary reason. wichin weeks, depositories and consumers in kenya were back to normal.
"The United States can learn a lot from the rest of the world that does not have deposit insurance. states Mobs READ FULL ARTICLE

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