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Overdrafts Are Hot!
Created by host on 8/16/2021 1:46:20 PM

Are free overdrafts for you?
Did PNC Bank, Ally Bank, Alliant Credit Union, and the Walmart Bank do what you can do?
All the answers, here, so please read on. Send or call with any questions or comments.
Semper, Mike

After Many Years Consumers Finally Getting a Better Deal

Lake Forest, IL (August 16, 2021) From Congress to consumers swiping debit cards across America overdrafts are hot:

  • PNC Bank led the way in April by introducing “Low Cash Mode”, an innovative payment feature allowing the consumer to choose which transactions to approve for overdrafts.
  • In early June, Ally Bank reduced their overdraft fee to zero.
  • Late in June, Walmart rebranded its reloadable “MoneyCard” as a new checking account with one of the lowest OD fees in the U.S. at $15 or half of the USA’s median and average OD price of $30.
  • On August 2nd, Alliant Credit Union also dropped their OD price to zero.

Why are overdrafts so hot? The table shows the answers. READ FULL ARTICLE

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