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Overdrafts Limits Get Speeding Tickets
Created by host on 12/14/2021 4:38:25 PM

COVID is speeding up dramatic changes in fee income at all financial institutions.
Overdraft limits are the key to helping consumers juggle financial hardships, lowering OD price, and retaining revenue.
Limits are tied to debit card usage. The surprise is the new competitor for ODs and how they will take over the market.
The answers and the new strategic direction are in the read below – don’t miss out.
Happy Holidays, Mike 

For the First Time in 23 years Depositories See They Have a Race Car – And Consumers Love it!

Lake Forest, IL (December 14, 2021) Overdraft limits are the key to helping consumers get past COVID, reduce the overdraft price, and increase financial institution bottom line.
OD limits have been stagnant at $500 since 1998, according to economic research firm Moebs $ervices, who has tracked OD usage, prices, and limits for over 35 years. However, Moebs’ survey last month of 3,309 depositories shows a restructuring on the OD racetrack with limits for CUs increasing to $700, Banks to $600, Thrifts remaining at $500, & Walmart starting at $200. READ FULL ARTICLE

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