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The Covid Economy - Now and Future
Created by m.moebs on 2/6/2022 3:51:02 PM

This is an economic review of COVID using 2018 as a base of comparison.
What to expect economically going forward is the essence of this writing.
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Happy New Year.
Semper, Mike


15 Assessments for a Six-Month View of 2022
Predicting Beyond 6 months Can Be Dangerous


Lake Forest, IL (January 8, 2022) A professor at the University of Chicago won a Nobel Prize for proving it foolish to predict or estimate beyond six months. The good folks at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences were correct in giving this award. Alfred Bernhard Nobel, the man who established the prizes was the inventor of dynamite. It is dynamite to predict, estimate, or foresee too far into the future.
So, here is an assessment of the next six months in financial services, but with no guarantee beyond 6 months: READ FULL ARTICLE

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