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Who Was Best Fed Chair?
Created by m.moebs on 5/23/2022 1:04:49 PM

No one has ever ranked all the Federal Reserve Chairs performance.
The Great Depression was caused by a large depression in the money stock.
This report grades the Fed Chairs by their monetary performance.
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Semper, Mike

Lake Forest, IL (May 23, 2022)  Who was the best quarterback of the economy? Since 1914 there have been 15 Federal Reserve Chairs. The most fundamental way to measure the performance of the Fed quarterbacks in the past 108 years is to gauge if money supply advanced in line with the normal rate of monetary growth.
In 1946 Congress gave the Federal Reserve the dual mandate to control inflation and maximize employment to promote economic stability. However, this is like rating a teacher based on the number of A’s awarded and how many students attended class every day. Judging a teacher by these quotas is not a good measure of their performance or impact on their students’ learning. What do you think of a teacher who gives out all A’s? READ FULL ARTICLE

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