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McDonald's Rescues Bank Fees
Created by m.moebs on 6/14/2022 3:39:04 PM

How can you determine a fee price especially with inflation?
Do what the Europeans, Canadians, and Australians do – Use McDonald’s Quarter Pounder w/Cheese.
This article shows you how and why.
Semper, Mike

How McDonald’s Burgers Help Price Checking & Overdrafts Know What Consumers Consider a Reasonable Price
By G. Michael Moebs, Economist

Financial services can be difficult to price. Some may jot down observations and quick calculations on the back of an envelope hoping the new price works. As technology advances, more analytic approaches have been developed to help identify and gauge reasonable prices.
Financial service pricing is unique. Banks, credit unions, and thrifts can create money, or the raw material of deposits, to make loans and investments.
Even more unique financial services can be priced or paid with fees, rates, or balances. This pricing troika sets financial services apart from any other service or product in the world. It also complicates establishing the price: which price type, at what time, and with what user type?
“25 years ago, Moebs $ervices created a special tool to address pricing dilemmas - the Burger Index was born,” expresses Michael Moebs, Economist, CPA, & CEO of Moebs $ervices, Inc., an economic research firm. READ FULL ARTICLE

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