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Payday Lenders Grab Overdrafts
Created by m.moebs on 9/11/2022 2:36:16 PM

Payday Lenders are big business targeting your consumer overdrafts.
Under a $200 daily overdrawn amount their price is lower than most depositories.
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Semper, Mike

Banks, Credit Unions, & Thrifts Face Massive Payday Lender Competition

Payday Lenders Grab Overdrafts"Payday Lenders were once considered the backwater of financial services. Not anymore.'
G. Michael Moebs, Pricing Financial Services, copyright 1986, current edition.
This map shows where the Payday Lenders (PDLs) are located, state regulation, and who the big players are of the 5,000+ locations owned by < 300 PDLs in the U.S.
“Only 10 years ago the PDLs had fewer locations and over 2,000 owners but this has dramatically changed,” notes Moebs.
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