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Mike Moebs

Economist and CEO

Insightful.  Counter-intuitive.  Innovative.  Dynamic speaker.  These are some of the terms frequently used to describe Mike Moebs.  Since founding his economic research firm in 1983, Mike has put his vast knowledge to work for the financial services industry.  An economist who understands the challenges affecting financial institutions, he’s developed such proprietary services as No Bounce® check management with the patented Debit Scoring® tool (# 7,676,408).  He is the force behind the Moebs Pricing Institute, a bi-annual educational event held at the firm’s Chicago-area headquarters, and also offered to clients at their sites and online.

A leader in financial service research

Although Moebs proprietary research spans a broad area and addresses topics such as stress testing, economy of scale and “near money” analyses, Mike is perhaps best known for his firm’s Financial Services Pricing Survey, published periodically with updates in February and November.  The most comprehensive study of its type, the survey collects primary data from over 2500 institutions nationwide on consumer and business checking accounts, ATM, debit cards, as well as payday lenders and retail merchants.  Adding to this primary research is a nationwide data basis of 1 million checking users.

Mike also devised the Moebs’ Near Money Analysis which provides keen insight into the rate and pricing implications of M1, M2, & M3 macroeconomic measures.

The data analysis allows Moebs $ervices to deliver information on consumer behavior as well as insights on pricing, expense control and profitability to audiences in need of benchmarks and guidance in these economic times. Learn more 

Banking experience and education

Prior to establishing Moebs Services, Mike served as a bank president, chief operating officer of a 14 bank holding company, director of a credit union, and director of 7 different banks.

He did his graduate work at the University of Chicago where he studied under Nobel Laureates Milton Friedman and George Stigler, creators of the “Chicago School” of free market economics and the Theory of Price, and received his CPA and undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois – Champaign/Urbana.

Media spokesman, sought-after speaker, respected author

Top respected news sources such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, CNN Money, Time, American Banker and the Credit Union Journal, value Mike’s in-depth knowledge of the financial services sector and frequently request his commentary on banking related news stories.  In addition, he is a popular keynote speaker at industry conferences and regional meetings, addressing hot topics of the day.  The author of 20 books, his Pricing Financial Services, published by Dow Jones, has become the industry standard.

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