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The Pricing Institute

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Training and executive programs
Each Spring (and sometimes Fall) for the past 23 years, financial institution leaders have attended The Pricing Institute's comprehensive, AICPA CPE accredited professional education programs to learn the latest strategies, disciplines and actions on issues that are vital to the ongoing success every financial institution.

For information on and to register for upcoming Pricing Institute programs, select from below:

The Pricing Institute at the University of Chicago, Fall 2007

Who should attend?
Make plans to attend one of our upcoming Pricing Institute programs if you're a: president, CEO, COO or CFO, or if you're a marketing, operations or IT director, or if you're a key decision maker of a bank, credit union or saving institution.

Attend a Pricing Institute program and you'll find it to be a fast-paced learning environment that provides all sides of any issue. So you'll take away all the information you need to implement winning principles, strategies and action plans at your institution the moment you return home. At the Pricing Institute we delve deep into such topics as:
  • 18 Steps for Successful Pricing
  • Account Analysis
  • Asset & Liability Management
  • Asset Pricing Strategies
  • Auto Loan Pricing
  • CD Pricing
  • Checking Account Pricing
  • Collections
  • Compliance and regulatory issues
  • Costing for Pricing
  • Credit Scoring
  • Economics of Pricing - Price & Volume
  • Fee Pricing: ATMs, ODs, NSFs and more
  • Fees & Balance Pricing
  • Home Equity Loan Pricing
  • Introduction to Pricing - How Price Works
  • IT and operations
  • Liability Pricing Strategies
  • Loan Pricing
  • Money Market Deposit Account Pricing
  • No-Bounce Checking
  • Politics of pricing
  • Price Actions for Expense Control
  • Overdrafts
  • Quadratic Pricing
  • Relationship Pricing
  • Risk-Based Pricing
  • Savings Account Pricing
  • Scoring and automated decisioning
  • Share Account Pricing
  • Tactics of Pricing
  • Value Pricing

A$ Services Rendered: 

•    Analysis of market research data and statistics; Analyzing and compiling business data; Business data analysis; Business research and data analysis services in the field of business, financial, banking, and credit; Collection and analysis of quality metric data for use by business, financial, banking, and credit professionals for business purposes; Preparing financial reports for others.

•    Financial analysis, namely, compiling and analyzing statistics, data and other sources of information for financial purposes; Financial data analysis; Financial research and information services; News reporting services in the field of financial news; Providing banking information.

•    Research and development and consultation related thereto in the field of data and statistical analysis; Research and development in the field of data and statistical analysis; Research and development of new products.

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