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Moebs’ Pricing Institute 

Pricing Institute Survey


Welcome Texans to the Pricing Institute:

All of us at Moebs $ervices are looking forward to your participation in The Pricing Institute.
In order to make sure we address areas of specific interest to you during The Pricing Institute, please take no more than 60 minutes to answer the survey below.

The survey is designed to assist the Moebs team in improving your learning experience for the week of March 21.

Doing the survey will also put you in the running to win prizes at the end of the Pricing Institute later this month.

Participants will have the ability to compete for Best Pricer and Best Pricing Teams.  We give away prizes to the top 2 individuals and top team. Scores will be determined by taking into account an overall performance and improvement from this Pre-Survey to the Post-Survey on the last day.

Responses to the True and False questions give us an overview of participant experience in pricing.  So, don’t spend time “studying” the questions – just let us know your top-of-mind response.

For the survey and Pricing Institute checking accounts are transaction accounts which is the international term to describe withdrawals, debt card charges, deposits, etc. 

Please finish the Survey in one sitting since we are unable to save incomplete responses.  The first and last person to complete the Pre-Survey will be recognized in class.

Please provide your Name, Position and Email address at the end of the Pricing Institute Pre-Survey. 

Thank you,

J.V. Proesel, Elizabeth Hamlin & Mike Moebs

P.S. For more information click this Frequently Asked Question link.

Moebs $ervices, Inc. Pricing Institute – Online Pre-Survey  


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