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32nd Annual Consumer Financial Service Study

Survey Sponsorship Opportunity


About Moebs Annual Consumer Financial Service Study

The Moebs Consumer study has taken place annually since 1985 and collects statistically significant, primary data on consumer and commercial services at over 3,000 banks, thrifts, and credit unions.   
  • The data is collected in Moebs offices via anonymous telephone survey by trained professionals.
  • The survey selection is prepared by Professor George Easton at Emory University and includes a census selection of every financial institution in the United States with assets $500 Million and greater, and a statistical sample of financial institutions with assets less than $500 Million.
  • Each institution is called by trained surveyists, audio audited by two senior staff, and reviewed by the survey supervisor and a senior analyst.
  • 35% of the survey data is audited and called at least a second time to verify authenticity of data.
  • The final data is scrubbed for authenticity and comparability both manually and electronically.
  • The data is statistically correct within a ± 1 – 5% margin.

Sponsorship Benefits
  • Access to Moebs Annual Consumer Financial Service Study Workbook, which includes electronic results, summary, detailed numerical analysis, and historical comparison of all pricing data points statistically reported by:
    • 25 Major U.S. Cities by CBSA
    • 27 State
    • 7 Asset Classification
    • 4 Major U.S. Regions
    • 4 Census Market Types – Large City, Small City, Suburban, and Rural.
    • 3 Financial Institution Types – Banks, Thrifts, Credit Unions, &  Total or National
  • Key statistical data points include:
    • Average
    • Median
    • Range High to Low
    • Modes
  • Sponsors Input to questions  
  • Onsite participation in survey
  • Recognition in Moebs Annual Pricing Survey Workbook and communications
  • Access to Moebs Staff for up to 8 hours to assist with interpretation of Study results and trends

 For more information, please download the complete Survey Sponsorship Opportunity Information Sheet or contact Michael Moebs at 847-615-8000 or by email