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The Pricing Institute

The most important meeting in your conference room will be hosting The Pricing Institute.

Learn pricing skills to enhance value, expand revenue and increase consumer satisfaction

In today’s highly competitive business environment, every pricing decision is critical. Pricing your institution’s services is one of the most essential actions – and activities – you can undertake. In this dynamic, interactive workshop, your conference room becomes a learning center where your team will discover how to think about pricing more purposefully and compete more effectively. Everyone, from branch managers to senior leadership, will be on the same page. You’ll take away the knowledge, disciplines and actionable ideas that will help your institution thrive in today’s market.


The pricing experts come to you

No need to travel. Your Pricing Institute instructors, Mike Moebs and J.V. Proesel, bring their comprehensive knowledge of financial services to you. Pricing includes addressing the needs of your stakeholders while ensuring your institution not only survives but succeeds. The Pricing Institute provides you an opportunity to step back, do strategic price planning, and then implement a methodology when you are ready to re-evaluate your pricing. Using case studies and material customized for your institution and market, they’ll address the challenges you face when making pricing decisions.

In addition, you’ll receive copies of Moebs Pricing Manual, Pricing Workbook and The Pricing Summary – The 18 Steps for Successful Pricing to guide your pricing decisions for years to come. For over four decades, Moebs $ervices’ clients have followed and benefited from The 18 Steps for Successful Pricing. Hundreds of institutions worldwide use the Moebs $ervices pricing approach today. The Pricing Institute has been done many times in Australia, Canada, Europe, Africa and the United States. The Moebs Pricing Institute is universal.

Join us for this game-changing learning experience.

Learn from the experts

Your Pricing Institute Instructors, Mike Moebs and J.V. Proesel share
 their comprehensive knowledge of financial services to address the problems faced by those making price decisions. Learn to price-position your services using the Eight Strategic Pricing Elements. We evaluate a variety of Factors Affecting Pricing including your competition and current market. Using the Moebs $ervices methodology leads to increased revenue and better relationships with your consumers and businesses

Schedule your In-House Pricing Institute to start profitable pricing.

For more information or to get on our calendar for your Pricing Institute please contact Michael Moebs, 1-847-615-8000, or email