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No Bounce Overdraft Service – How it Works

Increasing consumer satisfaction

Most people who bounce checks aren't bad people, they're just busy people. In fact, research shows that only 1 in 8 people reconcile their checking accounts regularly. This leaves them subject to NSF fees, additional merchant fees and the frustration and embarrassment that come from having checks returned and bills unpaid.

But by providing them with a safety net that covers their checks, financial institutions using No Bounce® overdraft service are finding that they can more than double their fee income, reduce expenses associated with NSF reporting and improve consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

Selection criteria and meaningful limit amounts

A key feature of No Bounce® is our unique process we call Debit $coring®. The Debit $core® ensures that your overdraft service is provided to the largest number of qualified account holders (new and existing). Because Debit $coring is empirical, it enables you to manage risk and prevent discrimination at the same time. No other approach can do this. In addition, the Debit $core® provides your account holders with an overdraft limit that will cover such important monthly expenses as a car loan or mortgage payment.

Fee pricing

With No Bounce, we'll develop an overdraft fee schedule that will double your current fee income and reduce your correspondent/clearing fees dramatically. And we'll take the extra step of evaluating all of your fee schedules to ensure that the No Bounce® programs fits in with other programs you have in place.

And well help you implement the program quickly and easily, using the technology you already have in place. Moebs $ervices No Bounce® program has been tested and proven to be in full compliance with industry regulations and privacy mandates.
Results of No Bounce® Program
Case analysis: small institution
OD paying policy vs. NSF bouncing policy

Retail depository $25 million to $100 million assets
Check limit +$2,000 with Debit $coring
Activity Before After Change

Checking accounts 3,000 4,000 +1,000
Yearly NSFs 10,084 3,217 -6,867
Yearly ODs 2,521 27,224 +24,703
Yearly NSFs+ODs 12,605 30,441 +17,836
Clearing fees $20,168 $6,434 -$13,734
Check losses $297 $3,106 +$2,809
Revenue enhancements
Increase in OD activity +17,836 x $16* = $285,376
Expense reduction
Clearing/correspondent fee savings $13,734
Check loss increases $(2,809)

Net revenue increase per year $296,301
*per check OD fee

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No Bounce® Overdraft Service