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Moebs Checking Enhancement Service

94.1% of all Financial Institutions lose money on Checking - Is your Checking Portfolio Profitable?

Checking is the most complex of all financial services. In 2015, volume of checking transactions of all types exceeded over 220 Billion transactions and continues to grow. Shadow banking firms like Wal-Mart, Apple, and others are offering checking related services to reduce interchange in the payment system, and taking business from your financial institution.

Moebs $ervices Checking Enhancement Service provides solutions to the complexity and changes of modern checking, and positions your checking services where you want.  

Moebs will ensure you succeed in Checking by providing superior service with options for the consumer, while maintaining a profitable bottom-line!

Moebs Unparalleled, Empirical Approach to Checking 

Our Solutions have developed from over 30 years of unparalleled economic research in financial services. Moebs Checking Enhancement draws upon Moebs extensive database and analysis of over 3,800 financial institutions including over 75 price points updated periodically. We take big data and your data, turn it into useable information and intelligence to make customized design and pricing decisions for your checking portfolio.   

Ongoing clients of Moebs data and statistical research in the area of checking accounts include: The Federal Reserve, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Senate Banking Committee, House Financial Services Committee, leading Regulatory Law Firms, and Financial Institutions of all types and sizes.

Moebs Goal & Objectives: Make Checking Profitable While Growing New Accounts

Moebs goal is to strengthen your checking with balanced growth in accounts, core deposits, and revenue while increasing the efficiency of resource use. We work with you to develop a customized pricing strategy incorporating the following parameters:

  • Provide users with choices to avoid fees, but retain value and revenue of the service; 
  • Broaden options in service pricing based on checking behavior; 
  • Develop and implement a retail transaction strategy to increase fee revenue;
  • Expand fee revenue beyond overdrafts for consumer checking accounts;
  • Customize strategy to serve both relationship and transaction oriented consumers; and
  • Emphasize transparency and consent in compliance to the consumer.

Moebs Analysis: The Tools to Achieve Your Checking Goals

Moebs will employ our empirical analyses – unique to only Moebs $ervices, such as Economy of Scale™, Efficient Market Share Analysis™, and Competitive Analysis™ to develop checking account strategies and tactics for your institution that are beneficial to the consumer and profitable to your institution. We will review current checking account design and pricing components incorporating the following analyses:

  • Financial Statements for all checking services with Full Costing, Revenue, and Transfer Pricing, achieving Net Income for each checking service you offer.
  • Market Share Analysis showing: Banks, Thrifts, Credit Unions, Money Market Mutual Funds, and Shadow Banking Competitors such as Wal-Mart.
  • Competitive Analysis of Checking Services including fees, rates, balance and any other price features.
  • Strategic Checking Analysis of Growth and Resource Use. 
  • Interactive Growth & Income Pricing Model incorporating fees, rates, balances, cross sales and expenses that demonstrates impact of revenue, checking accounts and balances.
  • We Guarantee Our Work!

 For more information on our Checking Enhancement Service or any Moebs consulting services, please contact: 
J.V. Proesel 847- 615- 8000 or email