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M$ Intelligence
Superb Subscription Service
“Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.” – 

M$ Intelligence is Your Lever for the Bottom Line.

Do you ponder: can I change a fee, rate, or balance to improve the bottom line?
Here is a list of answers from some of the
M$ Intelligence reports:
•    Doing Fees Wrong
•    Money Hikes Rates
•    Checking Profitability
•    Gold Reflects Deposit Pricing
•    Overdrafts’ Secret Sauce
•    Can You Confront Big Checking?

Where does M$ Get Its Intelligence?
Five times a year or less than every 90 days M$ does extensive surveys ranging from those financial institutions (FIs) with > 1 million checking accounts known as BiG Checking, as well surveys of +3,600 banks, thrifts, credit unions and fintechs.
These extensive, in-depth surveys are designed by Professor of Mathematics & Statistics George Easton at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.
No one in the USA has as far reaching in-depth data as Moebs $ervices, LLC, and it is statistically derived – nobody can match this!

What are the Features of M$ Intelligence?
Primary is AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is how M$ Intelligence was derived or named.
People beat Apps at identifying the right info to make decisions & with the right info Apps make better decisions. Understanding this fundamental fact coupled with Big Data makes M$ risk analysis extremely important for loan & fee financial judgements. 
Subscribers get intelligence not available anywhere else about 28 times a year.



Why is M$ Intelligence Data So Unique?
The start is Big Data. M$ data is volumatic (banks, credit unions, thrifts, & fintechs).
Plus, explicitly versatile – what other source does a compete market share of any or all FIs in the nation, states, & cities.
Add great value with up to > 30 price points on most surveys done.
As well as vital since decision making is the essential ingredient of all M$ Big Data.
M$ Big Data = Volumatic + Versatile + Valuable + Vital
Moebs $ervices Big Data contains price + AI.
Big Data = [Volumatic+Versatile+Valuable+Vital] + AI
M$ Big Data + AI & Price = Intelligence you need.

Who Uses M$ Intelligence?
It is an assortment of users:
•    Community banks & credit unions
•    Big banks like Bank of America
•    FIs >1 million checking accounts
•    Credit Unions like Boeing Employees 
•    University Professors
•    Federal Reserve, OCC, & FDIC
•    Fintechs like Chime & Walmart

How can I Subscribe to M$ Intelligence?
Click on Subscribe Here and an application will pop up to fill in Name, Title, FI, Card #, and the price of $196 a year and your result could be:
“5,102% return that’s a million bucks ÷ $196 on just 1 idea from M$ Intelligence for us.” 
CEO – Depository Institution Subscriber.

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