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Moebs in the News

Checking Profitability Recipe
December 10, 2023

Transaction Account (Checking) is the most complex financial service.
It represents both a Demand Service (Free Checking) and a Supply or Deposit Service (Pays Interest).
Marketing and maintaining a T-Acct requires Profitability Analysis – Read this Report to Learn How.
Happy Holiday & Successful New Year,
Semper, Mike

Money Changes Everything
December 03, 2023

Total balances of Transactions, Insured Savings, & Uninsured Deposits forecast the probability of a recession.
Are Transactions King? What will determine the degree and longevity of economic troubles ahead?
Answers in this critical report for planning 2024 fees, rates, & balances.
Semper, Mike

Doing Fees Wrong
November 12, 2023

Debit & Credit Cards provide valuable interchange.
Do not be victimized by Visa & Mastercard price increases.
Read to find ways to do plastic cards right for your financial institution.
Semper, Mike

Overdrafts Soar
October 29, 2023

Basic economics: lower the price and demand for the service rises.
Financial service executives are finding the old, high overdraft price kept volume low.
This report shows how features of checking and ODs can be changed to influence more business.
Semper, Mike

Deposit Rate ± Signals
October 22, 2023

Deposit Rates are coming out of a long hibernation and roaring like a Bear!
Deposit Rates of three, four, & five years are countering Treasury Rates and falling.
Will Powell follow the lead of depositories and start dropping rates? Read on to find out.
Semper, Mike

Winners at Overdrafts
October 16, 2023

An overdraft price above $20 is not profitable.
A price below $20 makes money and keeps the CFPB & FTC off your back.
Walmart & Bank of America prove this every day.
Semper, Mike 

Gold Reflects Deposit Pricing
September 17, 2023

Gold existed with humanity long before Jesus Christ was on earth.
Private economist Dr. Robert Genetski gives a unique insight into Gold pricing.
Reflect on the historical, strategic significance of this article for deposits and loans.
Genetski was one of my teachers at the University of Chicago, although we are about the same age.
(His recent book, “Is There Evidence For God?” is an outstanding read to supplement any bible.)
Your comments – positive, negative, or indifferent are strongly welcomed.
Semper, Mike 

What Checking Works?
September 11, 2023

Checking is the most important financial service, dominated by Walmart.
Bank of America is challenging Walmart every step of the way.
What type of checking will let you compete with both these approaches and win?
Read further and find out.
We welcome all comments.
Semper, Mike

Chair Powell Speech Synopsis
August 29, 2023

This is a condensed version of Chair Powell’s Speech at Jackson Hole, WY. It is less than 1/3 of the original and fits on 1 page.
Semper, Mike

Megatrends – New Directions Transforming Our Lives
August 20, 2023

Content Analysis is the essence of “Banking Megatrends” report.
John Naisbitt’s book is a key tool in strategic planning to track and study financial trends.
This narrative condenses in less than 800 words how to use content analysis.
For more information, contact us.

Oppenheimer & Overdrafts
August 06, 2023

At the end of World War II at the movies: ticket 34¢, bottle of coke a nickel, and popcorn a quarter.
Oppenheimer was considered a hero for building the bomb which stopped the war.
And overdrafts were only for the rich.
Times have changed. Yet if your OD price is $20 or higher learn how to make more for less.
Semper, Mike

What Rate Works?
July 23, 2023

The key to deposit pricing is the uniform movement of all deposit services simultaneously – read report below.
This report needs to be paired with M$’s report last week: “Money Hikes Rates”
Your thoughts and comments are needed and welcomed.
Semper, Mike

Money Hikes Rates
July 16, 2023

Often what is apparent is not. The Price of Money is like this.
This article reports how money is driving the price of interest rates, not vice versa.
Your comments are always welcomed whether positive, negative, or indifferent.
Semper, Mike

Financial Stability and Macroeconomic Policy
June 26, 2023

Federal Reserve Governor Christopher J. Waller, June 16, 2023
Speech at "The Future of Macroeconomic Policy," a conference sponsored by the Norges Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the IMF Economic Review, Oslo, Norway Synopsis by G. Michael Moebs, Economist, CPA & Chair Mobs Services, LLC a Private Financial Service Research Firm.

Overdraft's Secret Sauce
June 11, 2023

McDonald’s secret sauce is a winner for the Big Mac, making it more than just a hamburger.
What is the winning Big Mac secret sauce for checking accounts?
This story shows the overdraft limit is checking’s secret sauce.
Below, you can read how to do it.
Please send us your thoughts.
Semper, Mike

Who is Systemic Risk?
June 05, 2023

Systematic risk is difficult to determine. This risk is NOT stress testing or default analysis.
Please read the following article for definition and determination of systematic risk.
If you want the full report of all financial institutions analyzed please email me and you will get it.
Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed.
Semper, Mike

Hike, Skip, or Pause?
June 04, 2023

Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller has been spot on with rate changes.
Read below his remarks from a recent speech in Santa Barbara, California.
A link to Waller’s full speech is available at the bottom.
Your thoughts are welcomed.
Semper, Mike

Overdraft Prices Free Falling
May 21, 2023

Overdraft prices drop drastically again!
When will your institution drop prices below $20 to be competitive?
Lowering OD prices makes more revenue – read the report below and learn how.
Your comments, questions, and thoughts wanted.
Semper,    Mike

Five Free Fees
April 25, 2023

Oldsmobile, Mercury, Pontiac, Plymouth, and Studebaker were American cars.
NSF, Stop Payment, Return Deposited Item, Deposit Transfer, LOC transfer were American fees.
Are any of these cars still in your garage or fees on your Fee Schedule?
Semper, Mike

Can You Confront BiG Checking?
April 16, 2023

29 Depositories control 74% of all consumer checking in the USA.
Can you compete with these financial institutions in your market?
Read the report and learn how.
Let's hear from you soon.
Semper, Mike