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What is Commercial ServicesSM?


Moebs Services’ approach to Commercial Services is a gateway to Commercial Services that is complete and “holistic”. Commercial $ervicesSM goes beyond just loans or even deposits.

Moebs $ervices offers a Commercial $ervices plan of action with an array of individual services to assist your institution with attaining the goal of entering the highly competitive commercial services market profitability. This includes:

  • Commercial Checking Accounts
  • Relationship Account AnalysisSM
  • Reserve Position Management
  • Interactive Web Site
  • Sweep Account Structure
  • Personal “Banking” Interface
  • Commercial Loan and/or Line of Credit
  • Human Resources Management

The fundamental components of well-grounded commercial services are:

  • Commercial services are deposits, fee-based services, and loans in a relationship strategem designed to retain business members profitably.
  • Relationship Analysis, patent pending, which ties together checking, deposits, and loans into one universally integreated approach. 
  • A high level of periodic communication of all commercial services to the business member with integrated information of fees, rates, and balances.
  • Sweep services that move money between checking, money market accounts, and lines of credit as needed by the business member either within your institution or externally.
  • Because the small business cannot separate personal finances from business transactions, lending will integrate these diverse but common loan needs.
  • Finally, the key will be human resources integrated into a cross-functional tream approach.

What this approach achieves from the outset is retention of the business member even if the people managing the relationship change. The approach avoids an individual lender “owning” those business relationships that will follow that lender to whichever institution he/she becomes employed. Retention of key personnel is essential to achieving Commerical $ervices goals. Moebs $ervices patent pending triangular team approach assures those involved in servicing the business client to stay for a long time because it is so profitable for your institution and them. 

  • Phase One:Identifying existing business accounts you already have
  • Phase Two: Delivering a relationship analysis, patent pending, that encapsulates our “total balance sheet approach” that is customized to meet the needs of your institution’s marketplace.
  • Phase Three: Establishing Sweep accounts.
  • Phase Four: Creating loan processes for integration of personal & business finances.
  • Phase Five: Developing the human resources to manage commercial services effectively.

This effort is specifically focused on integrating everything for the small business owner, both business and personal accounts. The goal is to provide a “total” view of the business relationship with your institution.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss Commercial $ervices email us at or call 1-847-615-8000.