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Turning In-depth Economic Research into Insightful Business Solutions

Moebs Services provides banks, credit unions and savings institutions with market-driven research, analyses and tools to enhance their business performance.  An independent economic research firm since 1983, Moebs specializes in collecting data from a broad range of primary and secondary sources to arrive at a clear picture of the forces at play in the financial marketplace.
We examine the data in non-traditional ways, looking for links and relationships that are beneath the surface. Then we reveal the story they tell.

Financial Services Pricing Survey

Central to our offerings is the Moebs Annual Pricing Survey and its periodic updates. The most comprehensive study of its kind in the industry, the Survey was designed by Professor George Easton of Emory University and is statistically significant to ±1% to 5%, depending on survey segment.

Periodically a cadre of surveyists, monitored by auditors, gathers in the Moebs Research Center to conduct more than 5,000 phone interviews. Financial institutions of all types, sizes and locations are surveyed along with payday lenders and national retailers.  The data is categorized by account, transaction, fee, type , size and location of institutions.  We analyze results based on the current situation and within the current economic environment with a legislative and regulatory backdrop as well as in a historical context with trend analyses.

Updated twice yearly, the Pricing Survey delivers a wealth of valuable and actionable information for the financial services industry,  legislators and regulators. In addition, national and international  media look to the Moebs Survey for reliable data when reporting on financial trends.

Ongoing Review of Secondary Data

Moebs continually reviews secondary data including the Fed’s Flow of Funds Report, the FDIC’s Summary of Deposits Report and others, identifying key information and interpreting it in a counter-intuitive way. These types of studies are the basis of Moebs commentaries on Near Money, Float and Analysis of Reserve Positions.   We also review call reports from our database of more than 14,000 banks and credit unions.  Data is used to stress-test the industry and individual institutions.

Extensive Historical Database

Moebs maintains a voluminous library of data. including transaction information on over 1 million checking accounts nationwide. This goldmine of information allows our analysts to view all data in a historical context.  We have archived information on banks and credit unions throughout the country, segmented into asset size groups as well as market types, regional and national.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Learn how you can benefit from becoming a sponsor of the Moebs Pricing Survey, the only one of its kind. 
Contact Michael Moebs,, or call him at 1-847-615-8000.
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