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Pricing Institute Testimonials

Jody Carricioli, CFO, Neighbors FCU

“Changed my view of pricing completely as it relates to cost, rate and balance. My ‘wow’ moment came when reviewing L.O.A.N. (software) and realized the effect that cost reduction had on produce profitability. Also how the scenario analysis played out with lowering rate but requiring (single premium vs. term) to exit loan. Strategically it inspires me to share this information and review L.O.A.N. with our team.”

Rob Taylor, CEO, ISU CU

“I now know that my costs must be addressed immediately when I get back to the office if my FI is to survive. Now that my eyes are open to pricing services appropriately by looking at cost, they can never be shut again.”

Ron Davis, EVP, Armstrong Bank

“Best Feature: class discussion and the broad range of experience and knowledge of the instruction/instructors. Also, using collaboration to reinforce ideas.”

David Hill, CFO, Utah First Federal CU

“Yes – I was able to get a lot of ideas and new insights on how to go about pricing effectively.”

L.O.A.N. Testimonials

Paige Shockley, CPA, Solidarity Community FCU

“We purchased the L.O.A.N. product just a few months ago, but we have already used it for several different types of pricing scenarios. It is very uncomplicated and quick to input data and analyze the results, yet provides appropriate detail. This product is something we will definitely continue to use in the future to help us make business decisions.”


Mitchell Shaw, Sr. Lending Analyst, Firstmark Credit Union

“L.O.A.N. is an excellent tool that provides pathways to greater profitability and insight from day one. It required zero IT intervention, was up in less than two weeks, and gets you exploring immediately. Even before receiving formal training, the layout is intuitive enough that we’ve already put it to good use. Within a month of going live we went to credit committee with a pricing change recommendation designed to save us thousands of dollars a month. In summary, L.O.A.N. provides bottom-line actionable information from day one!”

Seminar Testimonials

Maine Banker’s Association

“Knowledgeable, pertinent, practical. He speaks with great authority, knows the banking industry, obviously has lots of experience in the industry, talks their language ... Very practical information and Mike geared it well for emerging leaders. The comparative sheet on all of the banks was interesting!”

Louisiana Bankers Association

“Good speaking tone, used humor in presentation ... Personable, professional, easy to work with, knowledgeable on subject matter.”

New England Financial Executive Council

“The NEFEC brought Mike in to speak due to his numerous years of experience and knowledge in the industry and specifically talk about innovative ways to increase fee income. While some of his methods and suggestions may be a little unorthodox, you have to give him credit for making the attendees think outside the box and consider changing the norm. He also brought some fresh regulatory perspective and ratio targets to the table ... He had a great presence in the room and brought some of his own stories and experiences into the presentation to drive home some of the points.”

No Bounce Testimonials

Chuck Bruen, Director, (Former CEO), First Entertainment Credit Union

“I’ve known Mike to be the pricing guru for decades. He has lot of credibility, so when we needed (a) service we didn’t think of anyone else.”

“We’re very pleased with Overdraft with No Bounce - it works very well. It turned a negative into a positive making it a service as opposed to a penalty that people would have to pay.”

“No Bounce was a unique approach to a problem, a solution no one else was offering. It took a lot of work on both parts (Moebs and First Entertainment) but it was the right solution at the right time.”

“The program was customized to our need, it wasn’t an off-the-shelf, canned solution. We had to adapt it in many ways to First Entertainment ... it had to be programmed to suit our core processing system. Moebs knew their product and knew where we wanted to go, and they were there with us all the way.”

“We were able to draw on their experience. They bring creative and smart products and practical experience when we were making our own decisions.

(Why he’d recommend MS):
“It’s much better to go with a professional firm that knows the regulations and can help you stay in compliance.”

Darin Moody, President, Utah First Federal CU

“I had attended a Pricing Institute 20 years ago and used Moebs Services over the years for training. When were looking at introducing our Courtesy Pay Product, we looked at their methodology, and at others, and decided on MS. Even though we’ve had it at least 10 years, even today when we look at that type of product we think our approach is unique.”

“The program has been favorably received. At $15 our OD fee is the low price in the marketplace. We’re raising it to $17.95 due to the cost of doing business. The decision to increase the price was a result of our working with Moebs Services.”

“Moebs Services does an in-depth analysis on annual basis that measures risk and looks for the ability to increase revenue. It’s been a profitable program.”

“We’re pro-active in our approach. We made changes in anticipation of further changes such as caps on the number of fees charged in a day, de minimis policy and other consumer friendly features.”

“We have a good relationship with Moebs Services, I have confidence in them. We believe they are the best folks close to this issue and can get us relevant information.”

“Some of our key folks who are involved in pricing have attended a Pricing Institute. We joke that it’s not a conference you attend to relax. Mike works you, gives you homework. We believe in the concept.”

Ted Parsons, CEO, Omni Community CU

“Mike has expertise in compliance. He brings great insights from a regulatory perspective and is well versed in keeping us prepared for future changes.”
“We look at Moebs as one of the key experts in the financial industry. They bring expertise in compliance and great insights from a regulatory perspective.”

“We get a personal touch. Twice a year we get face time with Mike - he’s a big thinker. That’s has real value for me. “

“Their analytic skills are superb…they’re able to look at our membership, see from their habits, and recommend the right type of product. I can’t put a price on it.”
“I sleep better at night knowing I’ve got Moebs Services managing my OD protection program because they also manage the compliance.”
“ They promised a lift in our revenue through our relationship; we’ve seen the lift and probably even more.”