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Pragmatic strategies for greater profitability

Consumers of financial services demand value, and price is a significant component of the value package. Price definitely impacts demand.

Moebs Services wrote the book on financial services pricing (Pricing Financial Services, published by Dow Jones is considered the "bible" on the subject). And for the past fourteen years, we've provided the Fed with data on service fees.

Moebs Services will enable your institution to use pricing as a tool to better serve your consumers and to generate greater income for your institution. We provide solid strategies and real-world pricing actions through:

  • Pricing Institute™ symposia
  • In-house or web-based training
  • Moebs $ervices custom consulting

Contact us and lets discuss the program that fits your institution.

Following are some of the areas we cover:

Pricing Strategies and Tactics

  • Pricing economics
  • Pricing tactics: what works and what doesn’t
  • Basic pricing principles
  • State of the pricing environment
  • 4 major pricing strategies
  • How much do services cost to deliver?

Loan Pricing

  • The current mindset of pricing loans
  • Upfront revenue and costs applications
  • Back end of the loan curve
  • How to do a cost analysis
  • Simulation of specific loan pricing tactics

Risk-Adjusted Pricing

  • Why is risk-based pricing needed?
  • What are the types of risk?
  • What are the major constraints to risk-based lending?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of loan scoring
  • Alternatives to loan scoring

Pricing Transaction Accounts

  • Strategies for pricing deposits
  • What are the cost considerations?
  • Products and prices that work
  • CDs: profitability vs. marketability vs. risk