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Where Did All the Money Go?
Created by m.moebs on 3/19/2023 8:53:53 AM

The banks Silvergate, Silicon Valley, and Signature closures make Deposits critical.
This report shows where the consumers are keeping their funds.
The conclusion shows action steps to keep and get deposits.
Please contact us with any questions or concerns.
Semper, Mike

$7.5 Trillion ofMonetary Growth in 4 Years
"The monetary growth si al short term funds, os should financial institutions lend or invest?" Michael Moebs, economist & Chair of Moebs Services, LLCIMS a rinancial Service Research Firm.
Lake Forest LI (March 19, 2023) The ancient Greek philosophers developed virtues underling a concept of enough - on more nor less to suffice without burden or peril. The US. Money Supply increased $7.5 Trillion from 2018-2022, measuring M1-Transaction Accounts or Checking, M2-Insured Savings, and M3-Uninsured Savings,
This is the largest monetary growth in U.S. history. The ancient Greeks would ask enough, burden, or peril?
Measurements of M1 & M2 blended when the Federal Reserve eliminated reserves and transfer limits on S.t Patrick's Day in 2020. Yet, itsiimportant these monetary aggregates be kept separate. M1 represents those
living paycheck to paycheck. M2 consists of savers who want deposit insurance and are riskless. M3 are investorsandtradersholdinesorcashbetweensalesandpurchasesofsecurities: READ FULL ARTICLE

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