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What Checking Works?
Created by m.moebs on 9/11/2023 1:38:00 PM

Checking is the most important financial service, dominated by Walmart.
Bank of America is challenging Walmart every step of the way.
What type of checking will let you compete with both these approaches and win?
Read further and find out.
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Semper, Mike

Checking Has Dramatically Changed 
"Since the Walmart checking explosion in June 2021, the type of checking to compete is very important."
Michael Mobs, Economist & Chair of Mobs Services, LLC (M$) a Private Financial Service Research Firm

Lake Forest IL (Sept 10, 2023) M$ Survey results July 23 show a road map for David (<1M T-Accts) to beat Goliath (>1M T-Accts). In 2022, financial institutions (Fls) with consumer transaction account (T-Acct) portfolios of less than one million consumer checking accounts lost market share, -5.1% nationwide. Fis with >1M consumer accounts gained market share yearly +1.9%. Can smaller depositories stop market share loss?

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