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Gold Reflects Deposit Pricing
Created by m.moebs on 9/17/2023 1:39:47 PM

Gold existed with humanity long before Jesus Christ was on earth.
Private economist Dr. Robert Genetski gives a unique insight into Gold pricing.
Reflect on the historical, strategic significance of this article for deposits and loans.
Genetski was one of my teachers at the University of Chicago, although we are about the same age.
(His recent book, “Is There Evidence For God?” is an outstanding read to supplement any bible.)
Your comments – positive, negative, or indifferent are strongly welcomed.
Semper, Mike 

Why Now Is Not a Good Time to Buy Gold
By Robert Genetski, Economist, 9/12/2023
Commercials urging people to buy gold have become as common as insects in summer. Celebri􏰀es and other promoters urge us to buy gold to protect our investments against infla􏰀on and soaring government debt. Is gold currently a good investment? Should we load up on gold in our investment por􏰁olios? My answer is no.


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