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Deposit Rate ± Signals
Created by m.moebs on 10/22/2023 9:14:53 AM

Deposit Rates are coming out of a long hibernation and roaring like a Bear!
Deposit Rates of three, four, & five years are countering Treasury Rates and falling.
Will Powell follow the lead of depositories and start dropping rates? Read on to find out.
Semper, Mike

What are Depositories Saying with their Rates?
“Deposit Rates Don’t Change Often, thus Frequently Ignored, but Now May Forecast the Future.”
Michael Moebs, Economist & Chair of Moebs $ervices, LLC (M$) a Private Financial Service Research Firm.
LakeForest,IL(October22,2023) ThevalueofU.S.stocks, deposits, and bonds is about $109 Trillion. Deposits are 16%.
Deposits represent savers, while bonds and stocks represent investors and traders. Savers are riskless and seldom invest in bonds and stocks. Investors venture into more risk to enhance their return. Risk is the traders’ livelihood.
The table shows deposits and U.S. Treasury rates for basic financial services and terms. M$ Rate are a large sample of all bank, credit union, fintech, & thrift rates for 1st week of October 2023. BiG Checking, BG, are providers of 1 million checking accounts. READ FULL ARTICLE


Moebs $ervices Measures Solutions
Since 1983, Moebs $ervices, LLC, independently collects statistically significant primary, and secondary empirical data at 90,296 locations of financial institutions.
Moebs $ervices is data, information, and intelligence creating solutions.

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