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Doing Fees Wrong
Created by m.moebs on 11/12/2023 10:00:40 AM

Debit & Credit Cards provide valuable interchange.
Do not be victimized by Visa & Mastercard price increases.
Read to find ways to do plastic cards right for your financial institution.
Semper, Mike

VISA & Mastercard are Poised to Increase Fees
“Adjusting the Age-Old Adage – There is a Right Way, A Wrong Way, and a Plastic Card Way.” Michael Moebs, Economist & Chair of Moebs $ervices, LLC (M$) a Private Financial Service Research Firm. Lake Forest IL (November 12, 2023) Best time for rash pricing is when no one is expecting a price change.
“Hey retail merchants, your busy holiday season is here, so we are going to increase your costs and force you to raise prices in the midst of one of the most inflationary times in decades,” say the folks running the plastic card payment systems. This will increase the use of a 4-letter word which Congress loves, consumer activists covet, yet consumers hate. That 4-letter word is FEES. READ FULL ARTICLE

Moebs $ervices Measures Solutions
Since 1983, Moebs $ervices, LLC, independently collects statistically significant primary, and secondary empirical data at 90,296 locations of financial institutions.
Moebs $ervices is data, information, and intelligence creating solutions.

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