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Money Changes Everything
Created by m.moebs on 12/3/2023 9:54:40 AM

Total balances of Transactions, Insured Savings, & Uninsured Deposits forecast the probability of a recession.
Are Transactions King? What will determine the degree and longevity of economic troubles ahead?
Answers in this critical report for planning 2024 fees, rates, & balances.
Semper, Mike

Fees, Rates, & Balances Make Financial Service Pricing Unique Yet Driven by Money
"In 2024 fees will fall but rise, deposit rates will increase, and balances dwindle."
Michael Moebs, Economist & Chair of Moebs Services, LLC (MS) a Private Financial Service Research Firm.
Lake Forest IL (December 3, 2023) Money changes everything from fees to rates to balances to services to people.
Is this the hand writing on the wall to heed? Transaction Accounts (T-Accts), formerly checking, are the core of money these days. Savings and Uninsured Deposits, mainly Money Market Mutual Funds (MMMF), are partners with money and together drive the depository business along with
shepherds at the Federal Reserve and Wall Street. The table tells the story for all 12 months ending in
June from the past 5 years. READ FULL ARTICLE

Moebs $ervices Measures Solutions
In 1983 Moebs $ervices, LLC became a Private Financial Research firm, independently collecting statistically significant primary and secondary empirical data in the United States, and other nations.
Moebs $ervices is data, information, and intelligence creating solutions.

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