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Overdraft List vs. Actual Price
Created by m.moebs on 2/7/2024 11:34:51 AM

A number of readers informed us that the title needed adjustment. Thank you observant readers.
What is the overdraft price?
A new method of measuring using Big Data with AI technology shows the way.
There is a big difference in OD list price vs. OD actual price. Read the answer below in the report.
Semper, Mike
Starting March 1, 2024 Moebs $ervices Reports will be a subscription service.

Over Half Americans Pay Less than $20 per OD
“It is a new era for checking. Financial institutions and their regulators need to see this soon.”
Michael Moebs, Economist & Chair of Moebs $ervices, LLC (M$) a Private Financial Service Research Firm.
Lake Forest IL (February 7, 2024) COVID started making American checking accountholders very aware they did not have to accept overdraft charges of $30 and more. Now in the post-COVID era consumers have moved to financial institutions (FIs) charging less than $20. “American consumers recognize when to purchase a different service or a product driven price. The die is rolled and FIs need to change their fee pricing to meet the market demand,” says Moebs, “and this move needs to be made quickly.” READ FULL ARTICLE

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