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Cost & Profitability Analysis

Moebs $ervices, inc. has been providing economic research and consulting services to our clients for over 23 years. A cornerstone of our success has been our unique data set and analysis work that no one else in the industry including the Federal Reserve has been able to duplicate. Imagine having a global database of expenses, productivity measures, and retail service prices and designs. Now imagine having the ability and vision to turn this vast array of data into practical knowledge that can be used on a day-to-day basis. You can readily see why Moebs $ervices is an industry leader for benchmarks and strategies for success.

In addition to collecting the data, Moebs $ervices has the ability to analyze the data in meaningful ways that will provide your institution with a thorough and methodical solution. Our solutions and recommendations produce results that will ensure long-term success for the institution.

Institutions know the best way to meet consumer needs and the bottom line is through sound pricing policies. Ironically, very few institutions have the ability to understand the profitability of their service, and/or branch profitability primarily because they do not understand the underlying costs for the services.

Historically, most financial institutions have relied on the Federal Reserve’s Functional Cost Analysis (FCA) studies. This study has many flaws including:
  • FCA services by the Federal Reserve have not been offered since February 2000.
  •  The approach used to compile the data is based on industrial costing vs. service costing models. The industrial cost time and motion studies of the FCA were done in the 1950’s.
  •  Most institutions relied on the FCA as industry benchmarks instead of completing the survey themselves to determine their institution’s specific costs.

Moebs $ervices has developed a service costing model which allows institutions to examine and understand their costs by service, transaction, and branch.

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•    Analysis of market research data and statistics; Analyzing and compiling business data; Business data analysis; Business research and data analysis services in the field of business, financial, banking, and credit; Collection and analysis of quality metric data for use by business, financial, banking, and credit professionals for business purposes; Preparing financial reports for others.

•    Financial analysis, namely, compiling and analyzing statistics, data and other sources of information for financial purposes; Financial data analysis; Financial research and information services; News reporting services in the field of financial news; Providing banking information.

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