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What to Know as COVID Hits Herd Immunity
Created by host on 5/10/2021 3:49:53 PM

As with 1918-20 pandemic are we headed toward a major recission? Find out with the latest M$ Economic Report below.
Semper, Mike


Are We Headed Toward a Major Recession?

What to Know as COVID Hits Herd ImmunityLake Forest, IL (May 10, 2021)  After all the 2020 numbers for financial Institutions (FIs) have been scrutinized by armies of auditors, examiners, regulators, shareholders, members and stakeholders what do they tell us?
1. COVID pressed people to keep money short.
2. Funds went to checking for fast withdrawal.
3. CDs fell so money could be move out fast.
4. Deposits showed COVID was before China said.
5. Deposit Insurance accounts won & lost big.

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