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Megatrends – New Directions Transforming Our Lives
Created by m.moebs on 8/20/2023 9:32:58 AM

Content Analysis is the essence of “Banking Megatrends” report.
John Naisbitt’s book is a key tool in strategic planning to track and study financial trends.
This narrative condenses in less than 800 words how to use content analysis.
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Banking is Information in Motion.
“Naisbitt’s Megatrends, published 40 years ago, gives valuable insight into banking today.” Michael Moebs, Economist, CPA & Chair of Moebs $ervices, LLC a Private Financial Service Research Firm.

Lake Forest, IL (August 20, 2023) John Naisbitt wrote Megatrends in 1982, outlining trends, tenets, and statements transforming the business landscape. Megatrends has sold 14 million copies in 57 nations.
Can Naisbitt’s theories guide banks, credit unions, thrifts, and fintechs to thrive in today’s advanced market?
In 40 years, 75% of financial Institutions (FIs) have been closed, sold, merged, or acquired. The evolution of financial services has been amazing, but also predictable.
The key is for FIs to reinvent their business using technology; yet for every gain in technology there must be
an equal and offsetting gain in high touch. READ FULL ARTICLE

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