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The Rates They are A-Changin!
Created by host on 10/25/2021 11:30:30 AM

Rates will move very quickly in the next several months.
Learn why and how with this report below.
Any questions, comments or opinions are welcome.
Semper, Mike


When Will Deposit Rates Change? How High? Who Will be First?

Lake Forest, IL (October 25, 2021) Bob Dylan’s lyrical poem sings to all financial institutions, “The Times They are A-Changin”. Rates are ready to move. When will this happen? How much will the rate changes be? What deposit services will change? Who will be first to move? Over $4 Trillion in deposits is at stake.

Movement of Rate is Essential
Deposit rates are not unlike Treasury Bill & Bond rates or even the Stock Market. The main difference is deposit savers are riskless, while investors take risk. So, the value of rates is much lower than bonds or stocks. This is why the table shows no rates - just movement by color. READ FULL ARTICLE

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